Sactown Summer

from by Cougar Magnum

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It's wet, it's hot, it's a Sac-Town summer.
(Verse 1)
It’s summer time in the city of trees,
So put that turtle neck away and let them titties be free girrrrl.
Shit it’s triple digits in the valley,
We congregate at waters with daughters of Northern Cali.
Local folk seek refuge at the river,
With zig-zags and bitch slaps directly to their livers.
Saints and sinners, all breakin sweats,
But only the drunkards are out here breakin bread.
Let’s get wrecked at a River Cats game,
Dollar beers make us heckle right fields last name.
(You SUCK!) And if we last all nine,
It’s cuz we passed out on the grass for a farmer’s tan line.
Bob Marley at the BBQ,
We dread the party’s end like Marley’s doo.
That’s only partly true, cuz it’s hardly June,
And the sub 21’s are having parties too.

When the sun gets brighter, the people get dumber.
White dudes, no sunblock, bummer.
But Mother Nature’s lookin hot so I love her,
Yeahhh, another Sac-Town summer!
Another Sac-Town summer! (x2)
But Mother Nature is my lover,
Another Sac-Town summer.

It’s almost summer stick a finger down your neck.
Go to the water but don’t get that hair wet. (x2)

(Verse 2)
Girls sippa Corona as I get a bona,
And admire the glow of stage one melanoma.
Now we at Shady Oaks, flickin discs with shady folks,
Wet from ‘D Creek’ call me Katy Holmes.
No shirt, no shoes, no shits.
Popo sniffs but we blow .06, oh shit!
No bros wit a boat don’t trip,
Cuz we loaded up the fridge with at least fo’ fifths.
The ocean’s cool but the lake is church,
Bake the purps, stay alert cuz rangers lurk,
Then lace the verse with punchlines that make us jerks,
But rays that burn radiate for nature first.

(Chorus x2)
released 01 July 2013
Produced by Sticky Bandit and Rob-Dawg-the-Reaper
Mixed and Mastered by The Reaper
Lyrics by Nick the 6'4 Satyr


from Tales From Mongolian BBQ, released August 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Cougar Magnum Sacramento, California

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