Parentz Hot Tub

from by Cougar Magnum

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Every fast food connoisseur's dream comes true in this classic American tale about love, lust, and greasy food.
I’ll take a number 3 plain with just cheese please
I’m watchin what I eat so make the nuggets a 3 piece
I release the break and coast to the window
Decrease the speaks cuz I’m creepin with that indo
My ends low so I’ll be diggin for some quarters
I turn to pay the face that was patient with my order
She is gorgeous, gotta full sleeve and a nose ring
Aroma of grease mixed with roses and O-rings
Oh please God let this woman be single
My match account was banned so I’m lookin to mingle
Hi Amy I like your “open late swag”
“How you know my name?” Girl I read your name tag
Now she’s blushin and the guy behind me’s cussin
Here’s my number on a napkin, take it sleazy then I punched it
And if she ever calls up
I’ll invite her to some bubbles in my parent’s hot tub
Roll up my parent’s have a hot tub
Here’s my number hit me up when you’re off hun
You’re out of cigarettes GIRL I got some
Now watch me one pump blast like a shotgun
She hit me up sure enough so I hit her with my address
Double pits to chestie hit the scope for my bad breath
Mattress cleaned with febreze smellin mad fresh
Blast Gladys tunes to get the right mood established
Knock knock on my door so I let her in
Smooth talk locked but I’m shakin like a veteran
It’s irreverent but there’s never a better sin
Than lusting over clever chicks who meet all of your preferences
She wants some champagne but I got apple juice
Mix it with some key stone *sip* yup, that’ll do
Philosophical talks fueled by toxins
Existential thoughts exchanged like the stock is
We lock eyes there are no words necessary
Things are getting hotter in this wet, square nest we’re sharing
Our hands are getting lost under the surface
30 seconds later I say thank you for the service
Watch me one pump blast like a shotgun (x2)


from Tales From Mongolian BBQ, released August 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Cougar Magnum Sacramento, California

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